Vale Verde Cachaça

Respect to the taste and nature
The production of Vale Verde cachaças is absolutely natural. The whole process is sustainable and wastes are reused based on its features. Besides that, 100% of the commercialization of the products are reverted into environmental conservation actions and planting trees. Would you like to see it by yourself? Make a guided tour to the alembic still. Schedule your visit. Contact us at: (31) 3079-9109 or by e-mail:

See here the step by step throughout our production.


The sugarcane is harvested at the right point, when it loses its leaves. Afterwards it is washed without applying the traditional firing.


The sugarcane is ground and its juice is centrifuged, decanted and filtered. Soon after it, it goes to the fermentation vats. The sugarcane bagasse, after drying in the sun, is used as fuel for steam chairs, as fertilizer for plants and as nesting for birds.


It's time to turn the sugar into alcohol, where we get the fermented mash. In Vale Verde, the fermentation is carried out with natural nutrients, without any chemical additive, proving to be an absolutely sustainable process.


The copper stills separate the volatiles substances such as water, alcohols, etc; from the non-volatile ones such as yeast, bacteria, etc. From the first ones cachaça is produced and from the others we make the vinasse, which is a draff that receives a treatment and it’s reused as a fertilizer.

Heart Cachaça

It’s one of the most special stages. In the heart portion, ideal compounds for the cachaça Vale Verde preparation are collected.


First of all, the cachaça passes through a cationic resin filter to ensure that no metallic products waste will be found in the final product. After that, it passes through a coal filter, coal from an our own wood of pine, which eliminates the natural acidity of the cachaça, giving it a unique feature.


Here we create two brands of cachaça: Minha Deusa Cachaça, not aged, stored in wooden vats called “grapia”, which does not change its color or taste.


The other brand named Vale Verde is aged for at least three years in oak Europeans barrels, which provides a golden color and an outstanding bouquet of wood.


Sustainability has been one of the pursued paths since the beginning of the production process of Vale Verde cachaças. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.