Where it all began

The cachaça was born in Brazil in the early years of colonization in 1543. Over the centuries it became a national traditional drink having as a reference and production pole, the State of Minas Gerais. Respecting the Brazilian tradition and from the same processes that tell the story of Minas Gerais, Vale Verde was born. The passion for what we do, and our endless pursuits for high quality define the idealization of Vale Verde Group. In the mid-80s, its founder, the well known entrepreneur and creator of Kaiser beer, had searched in Europe techniques to enhance fermentation and distillation, assimilating technologies used in the manufacture of fine whiskeys. Then, in 1985 the extra premium Cachaça Vale Verde had been launched, aged three years, following international model distillate production. The specialized production created in the market a differentiated product and the maturing of a unique flavor had already become tradition on the tables of appreciators.

Handicrafted and with tested and approved quality

The Cachaça Vale Verde gets its flavor and its golden color when it’s aged in European oak casks. The barrels receive the seal of the Ministry of Agriculture and they’re sealed to age for 3 years. It’s only released for sale after this period.
Over two thousand barrels are now stored in a shed of more than 100 meters or 328 feet long, kept under controlled temperature and humidity by an internal water circulation system.
The production process of Vale Verde was the first to be recognized by Ampaq (Mineira’s Association of Quality Cachaça Producers) and currently has got a voluntary certification of INMETRO, which is an organ of international recognition.
Besides that, the alembic stills of Vale Verde stimulate the environmental management, accomplishing sustainable practices throughout the production process, generating recognition and national and international awards. Get to know it!Click here and check the ranking